It's easy to fall in love with many of the charming old rugs of the 19th and early 20th century. Their designs were inspired, their wool superb, the dyes were vegetal and the harmony of these combined characteristics was deepened by the patina that can only be created with use over time. But for the most part, the rugs woven between the late 1920's and the mid 1980's just couldn't compare. Then lighting struck the weaving world in the form of what has been called a renaissance - the revived use of natural dyes and handspun yarns. Although only a small fraction of today's Oriental rug productions employ these materials, the weavings from those that do, promise to become the great antiques that will excite future generations of collectors.

If you're looking for quiet backround music for your floor, these rugs may not be for you. They can be bold and engaging with clear colors that are both vibrant and mellow at the same time. They tend to make statements and are likely to be the focal points of the rooms they live in. If you love Beethoven symphonies and spicy dishes with lots of garlic you will probably find a rug here that speaks to you.

I've spent the last 36 years searching for rugs to sell to a discerning public, trying not to stray from what I like best but keeping in mind that we can't only offer what I would take home myself. There are, after all, a wide spectrum of tastes to be satisfied and an equally wide range of available choices in market.




  • Reversible Flat Waeve
  • Kalaty Naturals
  • 3190-s1
  • Lee