A Different Kind of Oriental Rug and Furniture Store

A Candle in the Night began in 1973 as an import store featuring fine handcrafts from around the world. Our goal was to collect the best and most beautiful handmade products we could find, and present them in an environment that would inspire our clientele with their authenticity.

Today our showrooms, which occupy over 11,000 sq ft, are overflowing with the creativity of countless artisans and craftsmen who have mastered a variety of nearly forgotten skills. The success of their efforts is the pleasure we derive from living with those products which please the eye and satisfy the soul.

New oriental rugs made with handspun yarns and natural dyes are our specialty. They exude the charm of antiques without the sticker shock. These are not the same rugs you see in other shops and the difference is refreshing. We do sell old rugs as well. We also have an eclectic mix of rustic wooden furniture, both old and new, and a collection of stylish leather and upholstered chairs including sofas that are built for comfort and durability.

Our discount outlet on the lower level, is really a perpetual sale. A bargain hunter's dream, it's stocked with a range of carpets and furniture at a 1/3 to 2/3 off their regular prices.